The P in Psand

It's all about, well us. Who we are and what we do.

Psand superglue:  content, reporting, social, analytics, web standards, SEO, mobile, local.

About us

Hello. We are Psand with a silent 'P'. Bristol-based, with outlets in London and Portugal, we have been providing a full website design, build, host and support service since 1996. Internet veterans (but without the burn out) we've been there, seen it, done it, re-invented it and started again.

We have over 63 years CMS experience within the company and use this to deliver world class solutions to a variety of industries and sectors from automotive (Alfa Romeo, BMW, BMW Motorrad) to hotels (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, IHG) to global multi-language (FG Wilson). From mobile satellite connectivity, wireless networks, media streaming, website design, bespoke content management systems (CMS), small and BIG data management, there isn't much that we can't deliver.

Meet the team

Iain Kennedy Chief Executive Officer

Iain is one of the founders of Psand and is the principal architect of the Changing Pages CMS platform. He has more than 15 years' experience in the IT and telecommunications industries, holds an honours degree in Computing for Real Time Systems and a Blue Peter badge. He is a wonderful human being, charming and kind (can you tell the expense run is due to be signed off?).

Dave Gough Director of Operations

Dave studied Mechanical Engineering at Brunel University (we suspect with Brunel himself) and is a specialist in product, user interface design and cider drinking. He is our go to guy for project delivery, ensuring that specifications, costs and timescales stay on target and arranging the public flogging for those responsible if delivery dates come close to being missed.

Holly Windsor Digital Account Manager

If you're looking for a committed and passionate account manager to look after your digital needs, look no further. Speaking fluent 'real world' and 'tech developer', Holly is here to translate for you and to make sure things get done and get done well. Inquisitive and open by nature, she will talk to strangers and even better, will listen to them! Working with one and all to bring the magic and make sure the end result is a happy client.

Tanya Burek Financial Officer

Enabling us to fulfil our 'Employ a Canadian' directive from Central Government, if there is an 'i' to be dotted and a 't' to be crossed, Tanya will be there making sure it all goes to plan, even down to making sure the right pen is used. When not at work she can be found lounging around on the beach looking at fit young men in rubber suits.