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MeasureCamp Cardiff 2017 sponsorship

Big data!!

There, I’ve done it, I’ve sworn – at least according to the MeasureCamp swear jar instigated by it’s founder Peter O’Neill.

On the welcome podium at the 6th London MeasureCamp, Peter waved the charity donation pot and explained “Don’t use buzz words or jargon, say what you mean. Don’t say big data, others may not know what you mean, maybe say more data than will fit in a spreadsheet.

This is how MeasureCamp proceeds, with people taking time and care to share knowledge, rather than prowess.

MeasureCamp is a digital analytics unconference and is free to attend. Anyone attending can run a session: it could be a presentation, a discussion, a workshop, a panel, even a game show. Anything goes. Also, just to ensure attendees are passionate to be there, it is held on a Saturday. A day off work it is not.

The first MeasureCamp happened in September 2012. Mozilla made their offices in London available and a group of people who had never organised an event started work on tickets, catering, promotion, newsletters and getting sponsorship to fund it all. Somehow it all came together. 120 people attended from all over the UK and a few from Europe. Chaotic but very successful, the big question was when could it happen again?

Based on the success of this founding event, MeasureCamps began to expand internationally. Events are run by local organisers but follow the MeasureCamp set of guidelines. MeasureCamps have now been held in over a dozen cities, all over Europe plus Hong Kong and Australia. The format and brand is now firmly established and the future is bright.

Measure Camp logo

I have personally attended the last 4 MeasureCamps in London and the learning, inspiration, friends and acquaintances made have become an invaluable part of my calendar. When it was proposed that there should be a MeasureCamp for Wales & the South West, in Cardiff, I jumped at the chance to get involved and to encourage Psand to sponsor the event, to help it become a reality and to give back something tangible to the local analytics community.

Psand are now proud Silver sponsors of the inaugural MeasureCamp Cardiff event alongside YardThe City of Cardiff CouncilJust Eat, SearchStar, Legal & GeneralCardiff Metropolitan University, Admiral & CMS Teamwear

The event is Saturday 4th February 2017. The free tickets were sold out, but there is a wait list for ticket returns. It would be great to see you there:

Whatever happens, you can guarantee I will end up getting caught out swearing. It’s all for a good cause.

Content is king, long live the king

Close up of playing cards showing the king of spades and king of diamonds

Now don’t get me wrong, I like a handsome website and I’m not such a philistine that I don’t cringe when I see a terrible colour scheme, or a squished or pixelated graphic, but it’s very easy to get distracted by the aesthetics of websites. Nothing wows your boss/client/mum more than a giant projection of your shiny new web pages writ large on a wall. Bold statements, compelling graphs, scrumptious pie charts – infographics that crystallize complicated concepts.

But there’s a problem.

The content on your website that conveys the real meat of your message are the words, even though these look terrifically dull on a silver screen from the other end of a room. The search engines do not see it that way. They will use that text to sort the wheat from the website chaff. Your visitors and customers need the information they hold and will take the time to read them and will appreciate them.

Over time, meaningful and relevant content will set your website above your competitors in the ranking and could just give you the edge. Great content drives organic traffic. Content that is geographically relevant speaks louder than text that is just generally relevant, so you must also consider where your customers are as well as what they need to know. That could mean taking the plunge and launching sites specific to different regions, or delivering your message in more than one language.

So next time you’re coming to a decision on investing in your website and have seen the colourful carnival parade of whizzy mobile-friendly web pages at the presentation, ask them what happened to the boring-looking slide showing a mobile phone screen packed with squiggly text.

Play the long game and play it to win – pay your tithes to King Content the First.

Photo by ND Strupler

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