Hosting & Rock Star Support

Once built, we'll make sure you and your websites get the right level of love and attention.


All our websites and supporting content management systems are hosted on our own dedicated servers. We constantly monitor, back up, upgrade and generally fuss over them to ensure everything runs smootthly routinely achieving 99.9% uptime.

Secure, reliable, and based at the heart of the European Internet backbone, our hosting service is second to none. Our hosting platform sits at the heart of the Internet in the UK and interacts directly with other cloud service providers. If it's big data you need to work with, or need that chunk of extra capacity when things go viral, we can help you out too.


"What kind of computer do you have?" "A white one." Whatever level of support you need we can provide it. All our websites are lovingly cared for by our [slightly] over protective support team. They will ticket and track every request that comes in and will not sleep until bugs have been well and truly squashed.

We provide an on-going knowledge base and FAQs to ensure you get the most out of the content management system and help you share knowledge and train new users quickly and easily. Support is totally tailored to your needs so you are never paying for services you never use.